Question on Critical Damage Accuracy / Miss / Chance Clarification


Sep 8, 2019
I have seen the following descriptions of stats related to critical hits (using physical stats only)

Physical Attack Accuracy - Decreases chance of missing with normal attacks
Physical Critical Attack Power - Increases damage of critical attacks and critical damage over time
Physical Critical Attack Accuracy - Decreases change of missing with critical attacks

Attack Evasion - Increases chance of evading normal attacks
Critical Attack Evasion - Increases chance of evading critical attacks

What determines if an attack is a critical hit or not? The wording of the above stats suggests separate hit/miss chances for normal and crit attacks, but no actual percent chance to crit.

Or, is chance to crit determined by the stat called Physical Critical Attack Accuracy, in which case its real name should have been Physical Crit Rate?

I am using AdventureApe's Astellia guide for the wordings, found (near page 47) here