Right to know


Feb 16, 2020
If there's a problem and you've solved it
Shouldn't you let us know?

It's a good thing you guys solved it.
Then let me know and show it off, please.

For example
1. legend item drop rate was wrong by mistake
2. You noticed it late and solved it.
3. So you have to tell the users that there's been a problem with the drop rate of LEG item and we've solved it.

You may not be informed because they may be abused immediately after the problem occurs.
but after the problem is solved, we have the right to know about it.

"Your body is in critical condition, so I had surgery
Well, the surgery was done successfully, so you can just do what you were doing."
"What was the emergency?"
"hahaha You don't need to know. bro"

What a ridiculous situation this is.

I'm a consumer and I need to know what was wrong with my product.
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