Scheduled Maintenance [1/14]


Jul 12, 2019

Greetings Astellians,

On Tuesday January 14th, we’ll be bringing the servers down for a scheduled maintenance.

Maintenance Information
  • Servers will come down at 12:00am PST (Midnight) | 09:00 CET.
  • Approximate downtime: 3 Hours
Patch Notes
  • Legendary Dungeons 2.2 will be released, which includes the Dimensional Library Basilla and the Haveli Mansion!
  • Two brand new in-game events to participate in for a variety of awesome prizes:
    • Dogavi Crescent Event: which introduces an event dungeon (similar in theme to the Dogavi Night Market), allowing players to earn Shining Merchant Coins and Holy Order Symbols!
    • Taking Care of Pimpi Event: A Giant Spider Boss designed for a 12 person party has been added, allowing players to acquire a Legendary Treasure in exchange for helping Pimpi.
  • New additions to the costume portion of the Cash Shop will include new Angelic costumes for Players and certain Astels, along with a sale for up to 75% off on certain items, and finally the much anticipated Unicorn Mount!
Ummm so the taking care of pimpi event does not allow us to acquire a legendary treasure. It is purple..... and the deck effect at level 3 only gives +3 ap recovery when an atra tonic gives +12...
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