[September] Update Preview (Pisces ver.) (UPDATED 9/15 PDT)

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Jan 17, 2020

[Update 9/15] Unfortunately, due to further balance testing needed, #1-3 have been postponed until further notice. We will announce again when an exact date is set. We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences this may have cause :(

Hello Master,

Have you been able to enjoy the power of Tier 3 items? It was amazing, wasn’t it? You know, Pisces thinks that Master is really reliable!
And today Pisces brought a lot of exciting news for our reliable Master.

1. Max Level Increase to Lv 52
Master, we've been staying at Lv 50 for a really long time, right?
Well they say there’s going to be an increase in max level.
Let’s hurry and become Lv 52 to defeat Euria and find Master’s little sister.

2. New Region: Honduwaga
Master, do you remember the Hondus that we met near Northeast Wind Hill?
They had really big horns, right?
Well, Honduwaga is where the Hondus gather and live together.
Be prepared, because we are going to meet powerful enemies that we’ve never seen before.

3. [Mythic] Grade Item: Ring
The Hondus in Honduwaga worship an Ancient God, Umdra.
They say long long ago Umdra used to bestow rings endowed with its power.
I thought it only existed in folklore, but some say they’ve actually seen the ring.
You know I’m always lucky, right Master?
I might just find it if we go to Honduwaga.

4. New Quest Added
You say you want to know how to get to Honduwaga?
Don’t worry. A brand new quest will take you there.
Rota told me the quest wasn’t too hard.
Oh, and the best part?
I heard there will be a quest where you can get Lv 50 Legendary equipment as a full set.

A Level expansion, new region, and a quest that rewards a full set of Legendary equipment! What do you think, Master? This month sounds exciting too, right?

Stay tuned. Pisces will come back with more exciting news next month!

(P.S. Non-story patch notes will be posted closer to the maintenance date ^^)
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Sep 1, 2019
It was unfortunately too good to be true.

In summary we have a quest that should allow us to go to an area where we will not have access: AWESOME UPDATE INCOMING !!!!
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