Startales Map 0.1


Sep 16, 2019
Since the real astellia - map is down, i started a new one via "paint" for my own interests.
It´s definately not as good as the real one, but might help you guys too to save a lot of time searching for the right stuff even with guides.

My biggest mistake was, to pick the wrong (korean) Ragferant Map, but only the Star Caller´s Guild Part looks a bit different. Some other stuff might look a bit "full" and some quests will bring you back to the first part etc.

If you´ve any issue, you can still follow this

For the whole Questlines i did several Markers. Those Markers will get bigger for the following steps, so start always with the smallest circle and follower the bigger ones. Keep in mind, that you might need to head back to the quest - guy sometimes and then follow the markers again.
Some quests are still buggy and you might lose a buff. Use a teleporter then or check the listed guide.

Athlon is not finished yet, but i´ll update this in 2-3 days.




Work in Progress...

I hope that might help someone out.

EDIT: Thanks to all that have written the Guide above. You helped me a lot to create new maps.
If anyone found a mistake, just let me know and i´ll update it.
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