Steed of the Comat(?)


Sep 28, 2019
Shouldn't it be "Steed of the Comet", if as it's description says it's 'born from the fragment of a comet' (spelled correctly there)....Anyway does anyone have this yet? If you do, it should clearly be faster than the horse you obtain at the start of the game. Is it faster than the pre-order mount? How about any of the mounts you can buy in the cash shop?

While it has a higher listed speed (10 m/s) than either the pre-order mount or the Cash shop mounts. We know those cash shop mounts are slightly faster than the Horse you get at the start despite the fact that all of them have the same 'listed' speed of 9 m/s (would be nice if the actual speeds were corrected).

I ask as I'm saving zender atm the moment so any information to help make an informed purchase would be appreciated.