The ticket system is now outdated


Feb 16, 2020
Things have changed now

Your stupid updates have dramatically reduced users
Prior to the update, 700 simultaneous users were maintained at peak time, but there are currently 550 people

Look at the comments. How many parties are recruiting dungeons?
Well, I see two pt at most

Why? First, the biggest reason the server is unstable, and secondly, the updates that shake the foundations you've done
The update that denies everything you've done

The amount of experience you've been hunting and collecting? I don't need it anymore
GEAR and RUNE settings you've been working on so far? Do it all over again
Now you got something to do, right? Congratulations

And there's one more reason
update Amount of tickets required for dungeon entry

before 4 tickets, 8 with a ticket buffer
after 4, 6, 8 tickets, 8, 10, 12 with a ticket buffer

You know what this means?
We've had fewer users to go to the dungeon
I've lost more chances to go to the dungeon

If you go to a library or a mansion, you can go only three times.
With a ticket buff, only twice!

So even if you come into the game, you don't have a ticket, so you don't have anything to do.
Few people go to dungeons, so there are no legendary items on the market

There's only one thing I'm suggesting.

Get rid of the ticket system.
I want unlimited tickets.

What's the problem with that?

Face up to the problems of the situation.
And admit it and accept it.

ah Server system stability?
No one's expecting that anymore.


Feb 9, 2020
Yeah I don't even have nordens favor this week and I only ever run once with ticket buff. There is no incentive to run dgs at all, especially when the cost to enter is too much. A lot of players who aren't geared or is trying to gear won't find groups, because nobody wants to waste tix on lower tier dgs and the fact is we don't have any tix to do so. I do not have an alt cause the time it takes to get astels and gear is just too much grinding for me personally. I would be able to help more people without the tix system now.


Sep 24, 2019
maybe at least one more 8 ticket expansion for a total of 32/32
Add ticket cap = nerf legendary drop rate to nearly 0%, replay the history again? No pls, pls no, we don't wanna go back to the 3rd week post- launch. But pls go free to play and pay to win to "save" this game :D Well, to be honestly, I think Steam players are the last group of victims.

PS: every game has its own life, how about this 1? How many months more? xD
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Jan 25, 2020
Just make tickets tradeable. Lots of players have trouble burning through their tickets. This way those players can make a bit of money and those who buy the tickets can do more dungeons. Win / Win
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