Treasure Drop Discussion


May 2, 2020
I couldn't find a thread about the in-game treasure drop so decided to make a open discussion about it.
Some of the in-game treasure can be useful for ones champion and also useless. I was wondering how many people would like it changed it various ways to benefit more players? Example:
I have an archer that has about 3 treasures of the same for a mage and not archer but the value of this treasure is only 10k gold if we sold it to a vendor. Should the gold be increased to what a legendary armor is or weapon since it is classed as "legendary"

Some ideas for the treasure is:
Item shouldn't be bounded 0 when picked up instead bounded to just 1?
Item should sell more to merchants
Maybe the item should be dismantle for some kind of random resources?
Maybe make the item trade-able on accounts only?
Increase the amount from 10k equal or more of armor legendary?

Leave some ideas below with what you think should change with treasures.
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Mar 23, 2020
-I would not appreciate it, if treasures were tradable between different accounts = there should be something in this game, that people have to earn by themself by runnig difficult dungeons or kill world bosses.
- I dont see the necessity to make the treasures to be sold for more than 10k => after last drop rate increase in dungeons, the game-money almount you are getting by running dungeons is increased at least by factor 3, if you sell all the purple armor. Sure devs could set the treasures price for example on 100k or make treasures dismantable in jewellery pieces, but there is no necessity.
- Make the treasure tradeble between account characters is a good idea, but than devs have to make the tresure "non tradable to other account" and set "rebinding attempts = 1". So once geared on on of the characters it shoud not be tradeble anymore. It would be to easy if you could use same treasurs on all characters.

All in all - it's an interesting topic to discuss, but not a number one priority for changes for the game. I would not even rate it in top 10.