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Mar 24, 2020
I read that article https://medium.com/boraecosystem/bora-x-studio-8-9196bb16aac0
And I ask myself, why they associated themself with another KR enterprise...

Why not reaching for a US / CAN one ?

Your market is mainly NA or EU.

What if, we have a bunch of player who put money together to buy the game?

BORA scheme (blockchain mixing with gaming...really) ?
Here a conspiracy theory : they will use our connection to the game to mine coin ?

What i would like to have information on since your announcement is :
-Improvement of communication ( forum / custumer service )
-Publicity for teh game ( none on internet atm ) ... even Archage Unchained have more publicity ,,,
-More event for in game player ( because buying stuff with real cash is not an event )
-If that game will be Pay to WIN ... I remember that game saying it will never be p2w, that's way i bought it
-A list of bug status know vs corrected managed by the CM / DEV .. ( because theyre skill that dont work as intended.
-An auto translator in game .. even my mobile game (brutal Age) have one .. ( Kr people are hard to read ... )
- ...

this my 2 cents ...

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Jun 19, 2019
Good luck getting answers ... Btw all of this seem very fishy and sound like a big Pyramid scheme scam/mining coin

4.21 Learn about Astellia X BORA and leave a car to share information.
It is somewhat personal and may differ from the press release depending on the progress of development and collaboration in the future.

1. What is a BORA company
-BORA is a Fintech company and is a blockchain-based company like Kakao Games. The reason I didn't say Nexon is because the existing game lineup is concentrated on mobile, and already released 'With BORA' such as Seven Guardians and Dragon Raja.
-BORA is released in two types: With BORA and For BORA. With BORA, we release a new server based on our popular channeling concept, and then we can enjoy the game with a BORA ID. For BORA, beyond BOBO, you can see BORA tokens in-game as a new server + expansion. The patch that gets the violet token will not proceed on the existing server.
-BORA 'coin' is wrong and BORA 'token' is correct. BORA recently moved the mainnet from Ethereum-based to Clayton (Kakao) -based coin, which means self-sustainable Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., and the token moves on the blockchain of other coins. Blockchain is a technology to prevent the manipulation of cryptocurrency, but it is skipped because it is not very important for us playing Astellia.

2. NA Server (Steam + North America) Isn't it submissive?
-After the press release yesterday, the event is selling deluxe at a 30% discount price and Bora Token payback 20% is in progress. The image will be very bad. Because of this event, I am not expected to obey.
-A few days ago, according to a forum notice, Studio 8, the developer, directly serviced and said that communication will be better. NA Server believes that Studio 8 is the last bulwark to maintain gameability and capture their game philosophy. Rural server, not a city server for box office and money making ... or Astellia Royal's test server to talk about later?

3. Astellia Royal? Expansion?
-We are launching a new server for making money and for the collaborative BORA platform. Some press releases will be released this summer, and some releases will be released in the second half of this year. The route will be different from North America and take the Pay2Win method, and it will be a way to purchase BORA tokens or get BORA tokens in the game to pay. (With BORA journal For BORA journal not yet decided)
-Since it was said to be an extension, content different from the existing North American server will be added, but if it is not necessary to open the wallet ...

4. Conclusion
-Do not be disturbed in this or that, just enjoy the game. And you can ignore the Bora Token payback event in progress as it has nothing to do with us who have already purchased the game.
There is additional information.

The channel service of the BORA platform, 'Astellia Royal with BORA', plans to gradually expand its service area to the global market with the goal of providing official domestic services in the summer of 2020. In addition, we plan to develop and service 'Astellia Royal for BORA', a game service that integrates blockchain technology through development collaboration.

There is a press release that mentions With BORA, For BORA.
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