X Days into CBT, thoughts


May 27, 2019
While this is my initial list, it will be expanded on as CBT's move forward. So expect it to grow as time moves forward.

-Game is functional and while lag can occur, this has only happened when changing locations / instances as they are loaded. So it has not been an issue with game play itself. Given my mediocre computer, it could be way worse. Character seems to respond to my input with out delays with few exceptions.
-Quest's stick to the overall arcing story, which helps build the lore and characters. I like that about the game. It introduces characters and makes the world feel alive. In a phrase: It's immersive. This is a big + IMO.
-Astel's do as expected with each having their own job and personalities. Some of the banter between Rota and the others is very comical. Love it!
-Voice overs, were well done and don't distract from the game. They also help in conveying "what to do next", which keeps me from having to constantly monitor chat boxes.
-Game scenery, I have played a lot of MMORPG's in my life time, and the scenery here is some of the best you'll find. It's impressive even if you can find those invisible walls. I actually expected a lot more lag with my machine given the amount of detail that can be seen, and was pleasantly surprised i wasn't watching a slide show at times.
-Solo Dungeons: Loving the first few i have managed to do (limited play time during the week for me). They aren't overly complicated with puzzles/mechanics that can sometimes just be frustrating, or worse can bug out forcing you to redo the dungeon. Simplistic in the early game is a big + IMO. If it gets more complicated later, at least then i will have more levels, more skills and of course more Astels. I feel the dungeons work well the way they are cause they don't overload the player with useless tasks.

-Guild names are too limited, it's even more restrictive than player names.
-Dungeon 1st clears typically have no rewards, just the story aspect.
-Targeting can be a bit of a pain at times, this may be the nature of playing a Scholar who has to target both self/ team mates and Mobs/NPC's. If it was more clear on what/who is the players target. Having to mark things constantly, is not an ideal, it detracts from the game play IMO.

That's it for the list for now. I'm sure both more pros/cons will be coming based on what i experience.

On another note, I even record my 1st dungeon runs (unedited).
One of these days i am gonna find one of those nooks/crannies that has something in them. :)


May 27, 2019
It's been awhile since i added to this thread, and i didn't put the suggestions here that I have thought about over the last few weeks, and don't recall if these have been sugested else where.

Suggestions or possible additions:

**Random dungeon generator:
-Dungeons can get repetitive, a format for allowing random dungeon. Not dungeons being random for what you will get by using what dungeons already exists, I have no interest in a random dungeon that is exactly the same as a current dungeon i can just select.
An actually randomize of the dungeons by placeables/tile set, mobs, & bosses. Part of the dungeon may have the 15 level dungeon, another section may have one of the level 50 dungeons as part of it. The mobs in each area/section would also be randomized but scaled to level. The boss itself would also random for whom you would fight. This could be a "cheaper" way for ticket use, but since it will always scale to level, it may actually be harder in some instances. For those familiar with it, think of "Neverwinter Nights: Infinite Dungeons" Module.

**Non hot Bar use for Astel's:
-There's a lot of Astels, and the number of them is expected to grow over the course of the game. There needs to be a use for those that are not sitting on your bar to be used for combat. An Astel mission system for info gathering (could add story / lore ) that sends them out to accomplish some task. Scaleable time factor could be as little as a few hours going upwards of a few days or maybe even a week. The rewards could than be used to generate something that is either found lacking in the current system to help build it up, or possibly be used to build on itself (it's own currency) for various ways to upgrade the astels. The point of this is so no Astel is wasted just sitting there doing nothing, they still add to the expereince / rewards of the game even if they are not actively being used in combat. Games with similar function would be STO Admiralty or Forsaken World's pet tasks.

**Astel co-op skills with OTHER Astels:
-There's co-op skills for players, and many of them give certain abilities a little something extra which makes them a consideration when adding them to the players Astel bar for combat use. It would be nice to also see "combos" if certain Astels are out working together, a special attack if you will that has some added affect / damage. Not a new thing, plenty of RPG's have had systems like this, but it's definitely a good classic system.

**Astel "Merc" mechanics
-While i do believe this one has been suggested already, thought I would add it on my list as it was one of the things i noticed could be done right away for the Astels. Where's there equipment slots? Armor, weapon ect? No reason not to have them, or at least a type of gear that is exclusive to Astels. Games this idea gets pulled from, obviously the ever popular Diablo 2 (<--still my top 3 game ever made), and even the Everquest mercs.

**Assigned Astels":
-The ability to assign one of your astels to a party member. Maybe you have a healing Astel up, but don't want it asigned to heal you, but the tank for the party. Perhaps this could also be used as a limiter as well. The names appear under a drop down for each player for what and how many Astel's they have assigned to them from other players. The player can remove an unwanted Astel to prevent griefing and a lockout time to prevent a given player from trying to re-add one. As to restrictions maybe the total number is 3, as it would be normally, or maybe higher for groups., would of course need testing, but could add an interesting dynamic for groups.

I'll add others as i remember them.
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